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At HSBC, we offer a full range of products for your consideration with respect to your investment objective, investment tenor and your attitude according to the table below.
The Fund Risk Level stated in this website is determined according to the historical volatility of the fund or, where appropriate, the historical volatility of a comparable market index or comparable fund:
Risk attitude Funds with risk level commensurate
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Cautious Risk Level 1 – 2
Balanced Risk Level 1 – 3
Adventurous Risk Level 1 – 4
Speculative Risk Level 1 – 5
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Fund Code: HAFEC
HSBC Managed Solution - Asia Focused Income Class AM EUR-Hedged (Monthly Dividend) Cash       
Risk Level: 2
Offering Document: 
Investment Objective
The sub-fund invests for income and moderate capital growth through an active asset allocation in a diversified portfolio of fixed income and equity securities as well as money market and cash instruments. The sub-fund will normally invest a minimum of 70% of its net assets in Asian (including Asia-Pacific and excluding Japan) based income oriented assets in both fixed income and equity markets including, but not limited to corporate bonds, sovereign bonds and higher yielding equities. The sub-fund may also invest in other non-Asian based assets such as global Emerging Markets bonds, US Treasuries and eligible closed-ended Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”). Exposure to these assets may be achieved through direct investments and/or investment in units or shares of UCITS and/or other Eligible UCIs.
Investment Strategy
HSBC investment category:
Multi Asset
Investment type:
Multi Asset / Balanced
Investment style:
Multi Asset / Balanced
Interest rate sensitivity:
Investment instrument:
Stock, Bond, Cash, Other
Investment style is only applicable for funds that invest in equities. Interest rate sensitivity is only applicable for funds that invest in fixed income product.
Fund Portfolio
(as of 31-12-2023)
Asset allocation
Equity holdings geographical allocation
Equity holdings sector allocation
Bond holdings sector allocation
Top 5 bond holdings country exposure
Country exposure %
China 23.31
India 12.60
South Korea 10.23
Singapore 7.92
Hong Kong 6.53
Top 10 holdings
Holding % of net asset
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd 2.91
Top 10 underlying holdings
% of asset in Top 10 holdings -
HSBC GIF GEM ESG Local Debt ZD 2.05
Top 10 underlying holdings
Holding % of net asset
Colombia (Republic of) 7% 4.22
Thailand (Kingdom Of) 1.585% 3.44
Secretaria Tesouro Nacional 10% 3.24
Mexico (United Mexican States) 7.5% 2.81
Secretaria Tesouro Nacional 10% 2.72
Mexico (United Mexican States) 8.5% 2.71
South Africa (Republic of) 9% 2.65
Romania (Republic Of) 5.8% 2.55
Kreditanstalt Fur Wiederaufbau 0.625% 2.47
Poland (Republic of) 0.25% 2.38
% of asset in Top 10 holdings 29.19
HSBC GIF Global EM Bd ZQ1 2.03
Top 10 underlying holdings
Holding % of net asset
5 Year Treasury Note Future Mar 24 7.63
HSBC US Dollar Liquidity Y 4.49
Ultra US Treasury Bond Future Mar 24 3.58
Dominican Republic 5.5% 2.02
2 Year Treasury Note Future Mar 24 18.15
10 Year Treasury Note Future Mar 24 1.41
Uruguay (Republic of) 5.75% 1.31
Corporacion Nacional del Cobre de Chile 5.125% 1.18
Petroleos Mexicanos 7.69% 1.18
Secretaria Tesouro Nacional 10% 1.11
% of asset in Top 10 holdings 42.08
HSBC GIF India Fixed Income ZD 1.90
Top 10 underlying holdings
Holding % of net asset
India (Republic of) 7.18% 7.34
India (Republic of) 7.26% 5.85
India (Republic of) 7.17% 5.45
India (Republic of) 7.17% 5.45
India (Republic of) 6.54% 4.85
India (Republic of) 7.26% 4.81
India (Republic of) 7.1% 4.66
India (Republic of) 7.26% 4.29
India (Republic of) 7.3% 4.29
India (Republic of) 7.18% 3.89
% of asset in Top 10 holdings 50.88
HSBC Japan Index Instl Acc 1.75
Top 10 underlying holdings
Holding % of net asset
Toyota Motor Corp 5.48
Sony Group Corp 2.77
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc 2.48
Keyence Corp 1.99
Tokyo Electron Ltd 1.87
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co Ltd 1.71
Hitachi Ltd 1.58
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc 1.50
ITOCHU Corp 1.37
Mitsui & Co Ltd 1.37
% of asset in Top 10 holdings 22.12
HSBC GIF Indian Equity ZD 1.51
Top 10 underlying holdings
Holding % of net asset
Reliance Industries Ltd 8.02
HDFC Bank Ltd 7.63
Larsen & Toubro Ltd 5.76
DLF Ltd 4.36
ICICI Bank Ltd ADR 4.08
Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd 3.86
Infosys Ltd ADR 3.33
Axis Bank Ltd 3.10
Infosys Ltd 3.00
Oil & Natural Gas Corp Ltd 2.75
% of asset in Top 10 holdings 45.88
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Participating Preferred 1.75
Top 10 underlying holdings
% of asset in Top 10 holdings -
Baidu Inc 1.44
Top 10 underlying holdings
% of asset in Top 10 holdings -
National Australia Bank Ltd 1.34
Top 10 underlying holdings
% of asset in Top 10 holdings -
South32 Ltd 1.31
Top 10 underlying holdings
% of asset in Top 10 holdings -
% of asset in Top 10 holdings 17.98
Fund Performance
(as of 31-01-2024)
Fund: HSBC Managed Solution - Asia Focused Income Class AM EUR-Hedged (Monthly Dividend) Cash
Fund indexed performance (initial value =100%). Performance statistics are based on offer-bid prices of the fund with dividend reinvested, in fund class currency
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • YTD
  • 6.74
  • 4.82
  • -8.60
  • -21.14
  • -0.90
  • -4.52
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
Fund Price Information
(as of 01-03-2024)
Fund price movement is calculated on Offer to Bid basis in fund class currency (EUR).
Indicative fund price:
  • NAV:
EUR 6.977
  • Bid:
  • Offer:
Change vs previous trading day:
52 week low-high:
EUR 6.546 - EUR 7.271
Fund price information is provided based on the latest fund trading date.
Dividend Information
(as of 29-02-2024)
Target distribution frequency:
Dividend yield:
Last dividend paid (per unit):
EUR 0.02
Last ex-dividend date:
Dividend yield is the dividend amount declared over the past twelve months as a percentage of the last month-end fund unit price, show in 2 decimal places. The amount of dividend may not be guaranteed by Fund House.
Fund Statistic
(as of 31-01-2024)
Annualised return:
Standard deviation:
Sharpe ratio:
Fund statistics are calculated by using 3 years historical data, and are not calculated for fund which is less than 3 years old.
Sharpe ratio: Morningstar Asia Limited used the USD as the risk free factor for calculation
Fees and Charges
Initial charge:
Annual management fee (maximum):
Distribution fee:
Redemption fee:
Performance fee:
Highest contingent deferred sales charge:
Switching Fee:
The listed information may not cover all the fees and charges imposed on a fund. Please refer to the respective offering documents of the fund for details of relevant fees and charges.
Other Fund Information
Fund class currency:
Fund class inception date:
Fund share class size (Million):
USD 5.86
(as of 29-02-2024)
Fund manager
(Start date):
EminYigit Onat (01-09-2022)
Mathew Ng (01-09-2022)
Fund house:
HSBC Global Asset Management (Singapore) Limited
Morningstar Rating:

Initial Investment Amount:
Other fund classes available with HSBC:
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The Fund Risk Level stated in this website is determined according to the historical volatility of the fund or, where appropriate, the historical volatility of a comparable market index or comparable fund. You should refer to the detailed definition of fund risk level here.