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Selecting products with risk level relative to your attitude towards investment risk.
At HSBC, we offer a full range of products for your consideration with respect to your investment objective, investment tenor and your attitude according to the table below.
The Fund Risk Level stated in this website is determined according to the historical volatility of the fund or, where appropriate, the historical volatility of a comparable market index or comparable fund:
Risk attitude Funds with risk level commensurate
Secure Risk Level 0
Very Cautious Risk Level 1
Cautious Risk Level 1 – 2
Balanced Risk Level 1 – 3
Adventurous Risk Level 1 – 4
Speculative Risk Level 1 – 5
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Fund Code: SSMSA
Schroder ISF Sustainable Multi-Asset Income SGD Hedged A Acc       
Risk Level: 2
Offering Document: 
Investment Objective
The Fund aims to provide an income of 3-5% per year by investing in a diversified range of assets and markets worldwide which meet the Investment Manager’s sustainability criteria. This is not guaranteed and could change depending on market conditions. The Fund is actively managed and invests at least two-thirds of its assets directly or indirectly through derivatives in equity and equity-related securities, fixed income securities and Alternative Asset Classes. The exposure to Alternative Asset Classes is taken through eligible assets as described in Appendix III of this Prospectus.
Investment Strategy
HSBC investment category:
Multi Asset
Investment type:
Multi Asset / Balanced
Investment style:
Multi Asset / Balanced
Interest rate sensitivity:
Investment instrument:
Stock, Bond, Cash, Other
Investment style is only applicable for funds that invest in equities. Interest rate sensitivity is only applicable for funds that invest in fixed income product.
Fund Portfolio
(as of 31-10-2021)
Asset allocation
Equity holdings geographical allocation
Equity holdings sector allocation
Top 5 bond holdings country exposure
Country exposure %
United States 30.83
Germany 13.26
United Kingdom 9.49
Italy 7.36
Sweden 6.18
Top 10 holdings
Holding % of net asset
Microsoft Corp 1.25
Top 10 underlying holdings
% of asset in Top 10 holdings -
Schroder ISF Glbl Sust Gr I Inc USD 5.16
Top 10 underlying holdings
Holding % of net asset
Microsoft Corp 5.20
Alphabet Inc Class A 4.60
Recruit Holdings Co Ltd 3.95
Booking Holdings Inc 3.68
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd 3.68
Texas Instruments Inc 3.56
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc 3.35
AIA Group Ltd 3.21
Nestle SA 3.05
Schneider Electric SE 3.04
% of asset in Top 10 holdings 37.33
Schroder ISFBlOrchardEmMktsClmtBdIAccUSD 1.53
Top 10 underlying holdings
Holding % of net asset
Asian Development Bank 3.125% 2.28
Hungary (Republic Of) 1.75% 2.17
Consorico Transmantaro SA 4.7% 1.92
Serbia (Republic Of) 1% 1.85
Malaysia Sukuk Global Berhad 2.07% 1.84
Vena Energy Capital Pte. Ltd 3.133% 1.80
Poland (Republic of) 1% 1.79
Raiffeisenbank AS 1% 1.78
European Bank For Reconstruction & Development 1.5% 1.78
Mexico (United Mexican States) 1.35% 1.71
% of asset in Top 10 holdings 18.92
Apple Inc 1.08
Top 10 underlying holdings
% of asset in Top 10 holdings -
Bank of America Corp 7 1/4 % Non-Cum Perp Conv Pfd Shs Series -L- 1.04
Top 10 underlying holdings
% of asset in Top 10 holdings -
Alphabet Inc Class A 0.78
Top 10 underlying holdings
% of asset in Top 10 holdings -
Bunge Ltd Pfd 0.74
Top 10 underlying holdings
% of asset in Top 10 holdings -
% of asset in Top 10 holdings 11.58
Fund Performance
(as of 31-10-2021)
Fund: Schroder ISF Sustainable Multi-Asset Income SGD Hedged A Acc
Fund indexed performance (initial value =100%). Performance statistics are based on offer-bid prices of the fund with dividend reinvested, in fund class currency
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • YTD
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -0.21
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
Fund Price Information
(as of 03-12-2021)
Fund price movement is calculated on Offer to Bid basis in fund class currency (SGD).
Indicative fund price:
  • NAV:
SGD 152.6234
  • Bid:
  • Offer:
Change vs previous trading day:
52 week low-high:
SGD 144.4988 - SGD 155.5233
Fund price information is provided based on the latest fund trading date.
Fund Statistic
(as of 31-10-2021)
Annualised return:
Standard deviation:
Sharpe ratio:
Fund statistics are calculated by using 3 years historical data, and are not calculated for fund which is less than 3 years old.
Fees and Charges
Initial charge:
Annual management fee (maximum):
Distribution fee:
Redemption fee:
Performance fee:
Highest contingent deferred sales charge:
Switching Fee:
The listed information may not cover all the fees and charges imposed on a fund. Please refer to the respective offering documents of the fund for details of relevant fees and charges.
Other Fund Information
Fund class currency:
Fund class inception date:
Fund share class size (Million):
EUR 0.92
(as of 30-11-2021)
Fund manager
(Start date):
Remi Olu-Pitan (21-01-2020)
Dorian Carrell (21-01-2020)
Fund house:
Morningstar Rating:

Initial Investment Amount:
Other fund classes available with HSBC:
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